The Degree To Which Trump Resists Transparency Is A Clear Sign He Is Hiding Illegal, Unethical, And Criminal Acts. His Patterns Indicate Severe Mental Health Problems That Should Wake Up His Supporters To Choose Democracy Over Party.

For someone who strongly professes innocence when accused, Trump never produces evidence to clear himself. He expects his words to be believed simply because he said them. He doesn’t encourage his supporters to read facts, as he likes them to stay ignorant of the truth.

Trump’s behavior meets the criteria for The DSM V disorders of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder. People with personality pathology have disturbances in managing challenges to their ego. A narcissist needs to be the center of everything that is happening. They process information with a self-important focus. They project false confidence to hide their insecurities. They have weak egos and low self-esteem, and their grandiosity is a way to reduce painful, insecure feelings.

A person with an anti-social personality disorder also processes information from a “me” centered position. They engage in behaviors that are self-serving and self-preserving. Practices such as lying, manipulating, and cheating dominate how they operate. Lack of connection and empathy are also characteristic of this personality disorder. People are used as pawns, as a means to a preferred self- interested end.

If Trump’s own words and actions are factually analyzed, his loyalists would have a difficult time offering convincing arguments in his defense. Evidence that he has these traits are recorded in his tweets, his rallies, and whenever he appears in public. When he dog-whistles potential violence if he is not agreed with and obeyed, his supporters should be convinced he is dangerous. Preserving safety for individuals or the country is not essential to him.

A president whose governing style is motivated by self-interest is dangerous to democracy. What is preferred by such an individual is not always what is best for the group. By Trump asking President Zelensky to look for dirt on Joe Biden, he diminished his integrity and made himself vulnerable to foreign leaders who now see him as compromised.

As Americans, we must commit to voting for a candidate from either party who isn’t mentally ill, cruel, or a criminal.


Questions That Trump Should Be Forced to Answer Under Oath. His Pervasive Lying is Transforming America From a Rule of Law Country into a Banana Republic.

1. Would you make the same requests of other world leaders that you made of President Zelensky?

2. To clear your name, would you be willing to let John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pompeo testify at the impeachment trial? If not, why?

3. Are the last 5 years of your taxes still under audit?

4. Does the word Russia, Saudi Arabia, China or Turkey appear in your taxes?

5. What medical tests did you have recently at Walter Reed Hospital?

6. Did you have sex with Stormy Daniels?

7. Did you have an affair with Susan McDugal?

8. To clear suspicions of inappropriate agendas with Putin, would you turn your cell phone records over to the FBI?

9. Why do you use an unsecured phone to conduct government business?

10. Can you explain the difference between Hillary’s private server and the unsecured phones that you, Jared, and Ivanka use?

11. To prove your claim of being extremely bright, will you release your college transcripts?

12. Can you explain why so many of your associates have been indicted, jailed or are under investigation for serious crimes.

13. Are you directing Rudy Giuliani to enlist Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter?

14. Is there a plan in place to protect the 2020 election from Russian interference? If yes, will you explain the plan to the public?

15. Could you explain how the national debt and deficit affect the economy in the short and long term?

16. Why don`t you force Mitch McConnell to vote on the House bill’s that are sitting on his desk?

17. Is it true that you do not read the White House daily reports?

18. Why have you placed so few women in top administration jobs?

19. Do you attend church on Sundays with your family?

20. Do you realize that you tell an abnormal amount of lies? Would you be willing to get professional help to understand why you lie so often? Do you try to stop lying, but can’t?

The Democratic candidates must try convince all Americans that Trump does tell lies and this false information is a threat to our democracy. They must also target the dishonest, partisan attorney general William Barr and errand boy Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both have abdicated their oaths of office by colluding with the the new Republican Party of Trumpism, Where is the other 50% of the Republican Party who are humiliated that Trump is the poster child for their now dying legacy once known as the party of Lincoln.


The Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Appear on Fox News to Educate Trump Supporters on the Truth About Their Policies. These Appearances Could Create Skepticism About the Disinformation Fox Opinion Journalists Spread.

If the disinformation format of Fox News did not exist, Trump’s lying might have already resulted in his removal from office. When Trump tells a lie, Fox News reports the lie as a truth. The repetition of the falsities convinces his viewers he is honest because that is what they want to believe. Fox and Trump share the goal of promoting right-wing philosophies that vilify Democrats, incite white nationalism, and spread lies. The vitriol is undeniable. The gaslighting strategy is of great concern because it is changing the moral and legal foundation that has defined our country throughout its history.

Fox News consumers could learn the truthful facts about the Democratic candidates and their policies if they could hear them speak and answer questions on a Fox produced program. Resistance by any candidate to appear on Fox could be a costly miscalculation. The station constantly spreads lies and negative exaggerations about Democratic policies on immigration, gun control, the economy, and the military. Trump calls into the shows falsely proclaiming Democrats want open borders. He predicts the Democrats will do away with the 2nd Amendment. These lies need to be proven false by the candidates presenting the facts of their policy positions to this conservative audience. These lies will continue to be believed by Fox loyalists if they do not hear from the Democrats directly. Fox is the only place this influence can happen. Fox viewers are not watching Rachel Maddow.

Pete Buttgieg could discuss the challenging realities that face the LGBTQ community. He could impress the impact of his military service on his ability to perform the role of commander-in-chief.

Elizabeth Warren could discuss economic issues in a way that expands beyond Trump’s limited focus on the stock market and misleading job numbers. Her experience and education in financial matters would help her clarify how Trump’s disastrous economic policies are exploding the national debt and increasing the deficit.

Joe Biden could dispell the corruption lies Trump and congressional Republicans are proclaiming about him. His calm, respectful demeanor might appeal to Trump supporters who are tired of this crass, unstable president. Biden’s years of experience in Congress and as Vice-President create an appealing contrast to the shmoozing banter of Trump the reality TV star. Biden’s integrity would reveal an appealing contrast to Trump’s trail of lawsuits, bankruptcies, infidelities, and criminality.

Democrats should do their part to reach Trump supporters and convince them their issues are important to them. These Fox appearances could help the viewers realize the importance of recovering national unity and congressional bipartisanship that Trump’s divisive agenda has destroyed. Fox inviting the Democrats will anger and threaten Trump. Doesn’t that create strong motivation for the appearances to take place?


All Americans Should Be Alarmed About the Corrupt Behaviors by Trump and Republican Members of Congress. Corruption is defined as, “Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct By Those In Power For Personal Gain”. All Voters Should Seek the Facts or Not Vote. Trump is Spreading Russian Disinformation Talking Points. As Hillary Said, He is “Putin’s Puppet.”

It is frightening to realize Trump supporters disbelieve facts that prove he is corrupt. He has programmed his followers to believe all who oppose him are evil. He proclaims he is the victim, not the perpetrator, of corruption. Voters should attempt to understand what political corruption looks like. The danger it poses to our safety and prosperity is real. Trump is a cult leader and fear monger, and his tactics must be resisted.

Trump has lied over 13,000 times since becoming president. The lying and histrionic exaggerations make him appear unstable. It is well-documented that he lies to the American people to keep them believing he knows what he is doing. His lies aim to bolster the perception that he is qualified to keep the country safe and prosperous. That is one of his biggest falsehoods. The truth is he demonstrates substandard knowledge of the Constitution. He has interpreted Article 2 of the Constitution to mean, “I can do whatever I want. ” That statement is worse than a lie, as it seems he believes that egregious misinterpretation.

Here are some of the lies that he tells to replace truth with disinformation:

1. He said ” the Obama Administration was begging for a meeting with Kim Jong Un.” Big lie. Obama wouldn’t settle for a photo OP and shmooz with Kim like Trump did.

2. He suggests that deals are being made before negotiations begin.

3. He proclaims the phone call to President Zelensky was “perfect’ when it has been called wrong and inappropriate by both parties.

4. He declares climate change is a hoax, despite scientific evidence that it is real.

5. He said he did not know about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniel’s. He was a co-conspirator in the payment.

6. “The Kurds are much safer now.” He said this after he withdrew our troops from Syria to justify the blunder.

7. “The Democrats want to take away all of your guns.” Democrats support the 2nd Amendment.

8. “We have the cleanest water and air than ever before.” We do not!

9. U.S. Farmers are receiving 16 billion dollars from the tariffs we have gotten from China.” WRONG. The money came from a bailout from our government.

10. He said when his supporters chanted, ” send her back,” referring to Ilhan Omar, he stopped it. He backed away from the microphone until the chant ceased.

11. He said Hillary was gravely ill during the campaign because she stumbled with weakness from pneumonia. She is fit as ever today.

12. He falsely claimed he would divest himself of his businesses once he became president. He currently profits from visitors from foreign governments staying at his hotels.

13. He said he did not know the woman who accused him of raping her in Bergdorf Goodmans. There were pictures of them from the past at social gatherings.

This kind of lying is corrupt because it’s goal is to bolster his image and self interests, not the country’s interests. Some of his lies are based on his belief in conspiracy theories. Others attempt to hide his vindictive and greedy tendencies. Irregardless of his motives, presidents cannot be liars and simultaneously protect the safety and virtue of a country. His impeachment is justified. However, when the Senate acquits him, he will go on a lying spree as he did after the Mueller Report. The lie, ” no collusion, no obstruction,” was brazen, as Mueller documented examples of those charges in the report. The truth would have been, ‘I have done those acts, but Mueller did not have the authority to charge me.” After his acquittal, he will announce, ‘”I have been exonerated. This acquittal means I did nothing wrong. Everything I did was perfect. The Democrats are corrupt, witch hunters who are afraid they can’t beat me in 2020.”

As Democrats predict, Trump will probably become more emboldened and declare new, dangerous lies like, ” presidents can ask foreign governments to investigate Americans if they want. Presidents can withhold congressionally approved military aid if they want.” Trump’s corruption is dangerous, pervasive, and will harm our democracy if he is not held accountable. A glimmer of hope is that he keeps losing cases in the courts. The Judiciary is doing it’s job to guarantee, “No one is above the law.


Any Republican Senator Who is Unethically Declaring Their Vote To Acquit Trump Before Hearing Any of the Impeachment Trial Evidence, Should Be Disqualified as a Juror. Any Citizen Being Assessed to Serve as a Juror is Routinely Dismissed if They Admitted Bias.

When Barack Obama was elected, Mitch McConnell brazenly declared he would oppose Obama’s presidency and make sure he was a one-term president. Republicans have become so hateful towards Democrats they declare partisan opposition without any basis for it. It seems they are taking the same approach to the impeachment process. Before hearing any evidence in the potential Senate trial, Senators Lindsey Graham, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan and others are blatantly admitting they will vote to acquit Trump. This is brazen partisanship in it’s most dangerous form. This declaration is proof that the Republican Senate doesn’t care about getting to the truth about potential high crimes and misdemeanors that Trump may have committed. Their position declares they care more about staying in power than supporting a process that supports the Constitution and protects our democracy.

This toxic partisanship began with the rise of the Tea Party movement during the Bush Administration. It has now evolved into the Freedom Caucus where working with the opposing party for the good of the country is non-existent. In fact, if a Republican publicly admits to siding with a Democratic policy or candidate they are attacked by the president or fellow Republicans. Although the Republican and Democratic view of how government should work differs, the parties have historically found ways to come together and govern in clear support of the Constitution. This dynamic has been destroyed by Trump, his policies and the right-wing of the Republican Party. The hypocrisy shown by Trump and his supporters in the government and electorate is astounding. During the Clinton impeachment, republicans believed that President Clinton lying about sex to the Congress was impeachable. They believed the impeachment process was necessary based on their interpretation of the Constitution. Presently, republicans call impeachment of Trump, (for crimes greater than lying about sex), as a hoax and in defiance of the Constitution. Whether their reasoning is simply partisan, hypocritical or delusional, such a position undermines our constitutional democracy.

It should be illegal for Senate jurors to admit bias prior to an impeachment trial and still be allowed to vote. Why is the average citizen held to high standards to be chosen as a juror within the legal system while Senators can unethically dismiss the importance and relevance of waiting to hear evidence presented in a trial? I suppose if we had an attorney general who was interested in defending the Constitution instead of defending Trump, this issue would be getting legal attention. The partisan manner in which William Barr serves as attorney general has put the rule of law in jeopardy. Legal organizations are pursuing the possibility of whether Barr should be censured or recuse himself from any legal issues involving Trump Administration investigations due to his failure to be impartial. In the meantime, it seems the country is about to witness the most compromised trial in it’s history. The acquittal may keep Trump in office, but it will not exonerate him from being found to have committed impeachable crimes by the House of Representatives. This act will inform future generations of the corruption and degradation that Trump presidency inflicted on America and how the Democrats courage and patriotism fought back.


Democracy is Based on Truth. Truth is Based on Fact. A President That Lies and Denies Truth and Facts is Attempting to Dismantle Democracy. Trump’s Biggest Lie is That He is Patriotic. He Governs in the Style of Putin, His Mentor.

Trump has been defying laws and breaking norms that represent American values since he was elected president. There is no aspect of our government that he hasn’t attacked or disparaged. The disregard he shows for the co-equal branches of government is unpatriotic. His concept of democracy is aligned with Russia’s idea of a democracy, which is the President controls everything with no checks and balances.  As  Trump has said, “read Article II of the Constitution.  It says I can do anything I want.”

When Trump is opposed, he reacts with anger, paranoia, cries of fake news and vulgarity. His ignorance about the Constitution, foreign policy, how the military operates, and how to defend our national security is astounding. Countless government officials have resigned in opposition to how unethically and impulsively he executes his duties.

A small minority of his supporters believe that he never lies. However, having told over 13,000 well-documented lies since elected makes the majority of Americans believe he is a pathological liar. There is a method to his pattern of dishonesty. He falsely accuses others of what he is guilty of doing. During the 2016 campaign when he accused the Clinton campaign of colluding with Christopher Steele over the dossier, he was welcoming Russian interference in the election. When he accused Democrats of fiscally abandoning the middle class, he was giving a tax cut to the rich and ignoring the financial concerns of the middle class. This lying tactic deflects attention away from the wrong he is doing and creates a false criminal narrative about his opponent.

It is important for Americans to understand the relationship between lying and the potential breakdown of the American form of democracy. We are a country based on the rule of law. It is obvious when a law is being obeyed and when it is being broken. When it becomes acceptable for Congress or the President to lie about what a specific law really means, the power of all three branches of government is weakened. If every fair court ruling is challenged based on lies or disinformation than the democratic process is at risk. When a president lies in order to dispute truths that expose his wrongdoing the executive branch becomes corrupted. If corruption is accepted in the executive branch than it is impossible to trust that the government is working in the country’s best interest.

The impeachment inquiry is about fact-finding. Trump and the Republicans are denying factual information because it would expose his corrupt actions. If releasing documents and allowing Giuliani, Mulvaney, and Bolton to testify would exonerate him, why won’t he allow it?” The most disturbing aspect of watching Trump and Republicans deny facts is hearing the lies and conspiracy theories they put forth as a replacement for the truth. If not stopped, this toxic political game will transform an honest, rule of law government into a state of chaotic, third world country lawlessness. #impeach and remove.


During The Impeachment Inquiry Hearings, Trump-appointed, Republican, Career Diplomats Expose His Impeachable Behaviors in The Ukraine Scandal. Trump is Afraid of Getting Caught. He Creates False Accusations, Frivolous Investigations, and Deflects Attention From His Abuse of Powers.

Trump refers to all investigations into him as witch hunts and hoaxes. He practices the obvious technique of repeating talking points over and over again in the hope that his lies will be believed. Informed, intelligent people observe these repetitive, implausible pronouncements and cannot comprehend that anyone believes them. The parade of witnesses testifying to the House were either Republican or nonpartisan which is making Trump’s declaration of a Democratic witch hunt unbelievable.

Trump’s two primary strategies to win elections is to accept Russian interference and launch criminal investigations into the opponent he fears the most. There is direct evidence of this strategy starting with the 2016 campaign where he encouraged Russia to aid in attacking Hillary Clinton. His famous declaration, ” Wikileaks, I love Wikileaks, Russia I hope you can find the 30,000 emails,” was blatant proof that he would break any law or ethical standard to win an election. His campaign to disparage Joe Biden as corrupt and ordering Ukraine and Lindsay Graham to investigate him is his most recent corrupt, blatant, abuse of power.

It is a telling and encouraging sign that so many republican and nonpartisan government officials are choosing truth and country over blind loyalty to this corrupt president. These career public servants testified bravely and proudly during the impeachment hearings despite the State Department and Trump’s attempt to block them. In contrast, the male Republican Senators looked like scared sissies, lying, spinning and grandstanding for Trump. Their defiance looked ridiculous and their indifference towards facts alarming.

Questions to ask as more and more facts emerge in this investigation are:

Can every opponent of Trump be crooked and need to be investigated?

Is it possible Trump’s 13,000 lies are truths and everyone else’s reports are fake?

Is it possible that so many of his appointees, friends or associates are criminals and he is completely clueless and innocent of wrongdoing?

Is it possible that there is nothing corrupt about Trump, his appointees, and associates engaging with so many Russians and lying about it?

If Trump is as rich as he says and has no foreign dealings with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or China, wouldn’t he reveal the taxes to exonerate himself?

The loyalty towards Trump by his supporters and the Republican members of Congress is pathological and opportunistic. His impeachment will prove he is corrupt and unfit for office. His acquittal will expose republicans no longer support constitutional democracy. The acquittal with not prove that he did not commit the crimes. Republicans have announced ahead of the trial they are going vote to acquit, so clearly their verdict corrupted. Countless careers and lives have been ruined by Trump, and more are in the dying stage.

Political analyst, Rick Wilson’s book title rightly says, “Everything Trump Touches Dies. “


Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Is Suspected Of Failure To Report Widely Known, Long-term Sexual Abuse Committed By the Ohio State Wrestling Team Doctor. A Lawsuit Has Been Filed on Behalf of Survivors of the Abuse. Jordan’s Lack of Judgment and Character is in Question and He Should Be Removed From Office.

US News and World Report have revealed The Ohio State Legislature is pursuing an under-oath testimony from Rep. Jim Jordan. A lawsuit was filed this month in an Ohio federal court on behalf of 43 sexual assault victims of Ohio State wrestling team doctor Robert Strauss. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach during the years that the abuse occurred. Dr. Strauss was accused of molestation and attempted rape of male athletes on the wrestling team and other sports teams during the 1980s and 1990s. He passed away in 2005 leaving behind 177 victims of his sexual abuse.

In the lawsuit, a professional referee who had been abused by Strauss says that Jordan was told about the ongoing abuse and did nothing to stop it. The referee says he told Jordan that Strauss masturbated in front of him in the shower and Jordan’s response was, ” Yeah, yeah, we know, that’s Strauss.” Head Coach at the time was Russ Hellickson who, with Jordan, took no action to stop the abuse.

Dunyasha Yetts, a former wrestling student at Ohio State was the 1st person to inform Jordan of the predatory behaviors by Dr. Strauss. He confirmed Jordan’s dismissive attitude of saying, “Yeah, we know.”

Jordan is known for his aggressive, arrogant communication style during congressional hearings. He staunchly defends Trump on all accounts despite the presence of facts that reveal unethical or illegal acts. Jordan’s ability to dismiss blatant wrongdoing by Trump justifies believing that he could have easily excused or minimized the criminal actions by Dr. Strauss.

The seriousness of the claims against Jordan should disqualify him for the office he holds. His failure to report the sexual abuse of underage athletes at Ohio State shows poor judgment and indifference towards their pain and suffering. When he was confronted about the allegations, he expressed anger and defensiveness but showed little empathy for the victims of the abuse. He thinks he is a tough guy, but smart people can see that he is an example of the cliched, bad-coach stereotype; big-mouthed and egotistical.

It appears there is a strong case against him for failing to report the ongoing sexual abuse at Ohio State. Therefore, based on his questionable character and lying about what he did, nothing he does or says as a member of the House should be seen as credible. An under-oath testimony by Jordan must be secured in pursuit of full transparency and accountability.