Nancy Pelosi Moves Past Her Reticence About Impeachment And Re- establishes Her Leadership In Protecting The Constitution, Our Democracy And The Morality Of America.

The iconic photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, standing up and pointing her finger at Trump at a meeting at the White House yesterday captured the essence of her strength and integrity. Surrounded by all men who were looking dejected, she stood up for herself as Trump was verbally disrespectful to her. Before she exited the meeting, where she witnessed Trump in a meltdown, she said to the President, it seems ” all roads lead to Putin.”

Pelosi has been handling the impeachment inquiry with patience, integrity, and skill. The action Trump took regarding the quid pro quo request with Ukraine left her no choice but to start an impeachment inquiry. The President has been abusing his powers and committing obstruction of justice ever since he took office. That is not a Democratic talking point, it is documented and provable.

Trump is of the opinion that Article II of the Constitution bestows the president with supreme powers and he rejects the idea of co-equal branches of government. The founding fathers anticipated the reality that such a corrupt president as Trump could be elected. This is why they included the concept of checks and balances in our Constitution. Trump, who seems to know very little about the Constitution, interprets Article II to mean, ” I can do anything I want.” Trump’s mental issues are fueling this dangerous, delusional interpretation of his powers.

He has become brazen about breaking the norms of governing in this country and now Pelosi has recognized that to not impeach him would be a dereliction of the House of Representatives Constitutional duty.

If Trump supporters want to stop being seen as ignorant, they must show an understanding of the illegalities and danger of the foreign policy blunders that Trump is making. The policies he is enacting are endangering our national security, estranging our allies and aligning us with murderous dictators. These foreign policy disasters remind us of the countless other examples of Trump’s destructive, criminal behaviors that are damaging our Democracy.

If Trump supporters are not concerned about his lying, obstructing of justice and lawlessness and simply choose to parrot his self-serving talking points, they will continue to deserve the label of being naively stupid and history will target them as complicit in the damage Trump has inflicted on our country.


Trump’s Incompetence As President Is Apparent By His Pattern Of Creating A Crisis That Didn’t Exist, So He Can Fix It And Claim A Victory. He Is The Worst Negotiator, The Worst Executive, And The Most Unstable Person Ever To Be President.

It all started with the manufactured hysteria he created to justify a wall on the Southern Border. He falsely claimed masses of rapists and drug dealers were pouring into the country as a way to justify the need for an archaic wall separating us from our ally, Mexico. He shut down the government by calling a national emergency at the border. This action caused government employees to go without pay and cost the government approximately 5 billion dollars.

Further into his Presidency Trump manufactured a narrative that Central Americans were forming a criminal caravan and were on their way to our border to threaten the lives of Americans. He sent the military to the border to create the optics of a crisis that he would resolve.

Then he created a crisis message about terrorism, with Muslims being the targeted group he accused of threatening America. He then called for a Muslim Ban, blocking the legal entrance of all Muslims into our country resulting in a blanket demonization of Muslims, even American Muslims. This escalated potential violence towards Muslims and promoted racist approaches to developing immigration policies.

He clearly uses Twitter as a tool to create volatility in the stock market. He sends out daunting statements towards other countries or industries to scare investors, and the next day will have an opposite message to encourage investing.

Trump’s latest incompetent attempt to give himself something to do was to impulsively pull out of Syria, giving Turkey the signal to move in to kill our allies, the Kurds, and create a strong probability of the resurgence of ISIS. This disasterous move is being condemned by Republicans and Democrats and yet it seems Trump is reveling in the chaos he has created. Keeping to his strategy of causing a problem so he can resolve it and be the hero, Trump sent Pence and Pompeo to Turkey to negotiate a ceasefire for a military disaster that he created. People are dying as a result of this extremely sick and cruel strategy.

This is more proof that as people die and suffer, Trump shows no loyalty and no compassion, instead focusing on power games. This move may be Trump’s attempt to distract from the Ukrainian scandal which has put him on the path to impeachment by the House of Representatives.

A clear pattern in all of Trump’s policies is to stay in favor with Putin, the Crown Prince and any other dictator that he has a man crush on and who he stands to gain from financially.

Those who keep turning away from the truth about Trump’s unstable and criminal behaviors may wake up when the fallout hits them and their families directly. It will be brutal and sadly could have been avoided.#madking


President “Hypocrite” Calls Joe Biden An Obama ” Ass-kisser”. If Oscar Statues Were Awarded For Presidential ” Ass- kissing”, Mike Pence Would Clearly Win. Watching Him Lower Himself At The Feet Of Trump Is Cringe- Worthy.

Mike Pence is widely known to be a wimp. He has learned that name by his embarrassing lauding of anything Trump says or does. When Trump was looking for a running mate, he must have asked his advisors to find someone with no spine that he could work like a puppet. Today as Pence was announcing that Turkey agreed to a ceasefire, he brown-nosed up to Trump with constant glowing accoladed of his greatness. It appears Pence, “Mr.Religious”, is a phony, vacuous opportunist who looks weak and robotic. It takes more than reading the Bible, rejecting porn and being anti- abortion to be a Christian. He sounds like someone who would still defend Trump if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue”. No morals are apparent in anything he does or says as Vice President. Pence’s strategy to protect his standing with Trump, (no matter what the blunder or scandal of the day might be), is to act as if everything is normal. To intelligent people, this strategy is particularly strange. Calling an abnormal situation normal makes the one denying look abnormal.

Another Pence strategy is to blame Barack Obama for whatever mess Trump creates. He refers to Trump as the clean-up president for what he calls Obama’s screw- ups. Noteworthy is that Obama had one of the least chaotic, scandal free Presidencies of any past president in recent history. Joe Biden did not have to spend government time kissing his president’s ass because Obama didn’t it need. In contrast to Trump, Obama respected his Vice President and had a strong self esteem.

Another pattern by Pence has been to stay out of the public eye, hiding from the fallout from Trump’s tweets and blunders. He is probably afraid to respond to questions about Trump, fearful his praise might not be extravagant enough to please his boss. The Republican’s must dislike or disrespect Pence immensely. They could get rid of the scandalous, chaotic Trump and still maintain the presidency with him. It is common knowledge that Trump is not well liked by many Congressmen and Senators. Standing by him, despite his the chaotic, crisis riddled presidency, is an indication that they are not eager for a President Pence. The payback for Pence’s loyalty will be when Trump blames him for a scandal or blunder to save himself. All the praying in the world won’t save Pence from of the wrath of his boss.


If Investigating The Adult Children Of Your Opponent Is Fair Game, Then It’ s Time To Track Ivanka, Don Jr, And Eric’s Business Dealings With Foreign Countries And See How Much Business Is Based On Being Trump’s Kids And What Daddy’ s Cut Of The Cash Is.

Today Hunter Biden announced he would step down from being seated on boards for business dealings in China if his father is elected President. Is there any chance the Trump siblings will cease any business dealings with any country out of concern for conflict of interests regarding their dad, the already elected president? Probably not, as being ethical is not in their DNA.

The hypocrisy of Trump is astounding. He is attacking Hunter Biden for earning money by serving on the board of an energy company in Ukraine while his kids are globe trotting for any business deal they can get their greedy little trust fund hands on. The strategy that Trump employs where he accuses others of wrong acts that he himself is committing, is tired and transparent. His motto is ” I can do anything I want, you can do whatever I allow you to do.”

Trump remains president of the Trump Organization. He chose not to divest himself from his personal businesses so he continues to profit from the business dealings that his kids conduct in the United States and foreign countries. Ivanka has secured over a dozen Chinese trademarks since working in the Administration and Don Jr and Eric are building relationships with other countries based on the Trump name and implying future business with their father. They also negotiate deals to give properties the use of the Trump name.

Due to Trump’s commitment to keeping his taxes and financial records hidden, how much he is profiting through his kids business efforts remain unknown. However, it is hard to believe his stance that he is losing money, as he is a liar. So unless the courts force transparency, the public will never know the truth.

Launching an investigation of the business dealings of Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric should be started. Let’s give Trump a dose of his own medicine. Let’s put him through the same game he is playing with Joe Biden. Let’s have the Trump kids be scrutinized like Hunter Biden. This hands off posture towards Trump’s kid’s must end. Trump’s probable violation of the emoluments clause may in part be caused by the business scheming of his kids.


Innocent People Rush To Reveal Evidence In Order To Be Exonerated. Guilty People Conceal Evidence To Protect Themselves From Indictment. Trump And His Administration Are Acting Straight Out Of The “I Am Guilty” Playbook.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump began his 3 year policy of concealing information about himself that could reveal shady and potentially illegal evidence against him. He also began his pathological pattern of lying on what fact checkers have estimated at 12,000 lies since he took office.

His claim that he would release his tax returns was a lie. He has never released them and has never shown proof that they were ever under audit. If Trump’s taxes were clean and legal, he would have posted them on Twitter by now over and over again. His grandiose ego would have welcomed the eexposure of exonerating, impressive information. He loves to brag about his wealth, but withholds information that would confirm his claims. This is the behavior by someone who is hiding damaging information.

He lied about knowing about the hush money payment to Stormy Daniel’s that he conspired with Michael Cohen to make. Evidence resulted in him being named a co- conspirator in that federal crime. Innocent people do not have other people to lie for them to strengthen their web of lies.

He has made up countless lies about political opponents and anyone who criticizes him or his policies. Innocent people do not resort to immoral, desperate behaviors and false accusations in order to deflect criticism and scrutiny.

Innocent people don’t shout hysterically to defend themselves by attacking people. They don’t retaliate by accusing others of what they are being accused of. They don’t deny and deny yet offer no proof of innocence.

Innocent, psychologically normal people do not spread false rhetoric that could cause serious damage to people’s lives. Innocence creates a calm resolve to help get to the truth and redeem themselves. Damaging others is not on the agenda of an innocent person.

Trump targeting the whistle blower as a spy who needs to be outed has really exposed his disloyalty to the rule of law and has made him look so guilty, many are saying he is walking a thin line mentally.

Innocent people that are falsely accused may feel betrayed and angry, but they do not blame others or deflect attention to dodge being found out, because if one is innocent they coooperate in order to be cleared.

Trump lies, threatens, breaks the rule of law, all the while sounding and looking like a rat caught in a trap.

Americans must choose Democracy. We cannot have leaders guilty of crimes and immoral acts hold high office. A guilty, lying president is a danger and a national embarrassment.


Trump is Governing America Towards Authoritarianism. If Trump Loyalists Would Read The Constitution, The Mueller Report, The Whistleblower Transcript And Trump’ s Tweets, They Would See That He Meets The Full Criteria Of His Heroes, Vladmir Putin, The Crown Prince And President Xi JingPing

Watching old footage of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin is a chilling experience now as Trump’s rages through the media ever day. They raged, they threatened, and they called for absolute obedience and submission to them and their doctrines. When you watch Trump speak, he has the same tone, mindset and behaviors of these infamous dictators. He dog whistles in code for his opponents or any dissenters to be eliminated from the picture. Given America is still a Democracy, he cannot call for murder, so for now he has to settle for demonization, firings and calls for imprisonment.

Assaults on the Foundation of American Democracy

Attacks on the media and the free press is straight out of the playbook of dangerous authoritarians. For a dictator, there is no room for opposition or other points of view. The dictator will lie, create conspiracy theories and threaten the survival of anyone who opposes them. Through methods of exaggerated false promises, scare tactics, and grandiose self declarations, the dictator can rally great numbers of people to believe in them and only them. By the mere proclamation of ” fake news” by the dictator, the credibility of the press is destroyed and the word of the dictator is the only voice to be believed.

Trump will only appear on Fox news where he controls the narrative. He labels all news stories that criticize him or disagree with any of his policies as ” fake news”. He attacks the ethics of career journalists without any truth to his accusations.

Forget Party Affiliation, We Better Wake Up To Defend The Free Press Against Trump’s Attempt To Be Our Only Source of Information

Attacks on the Judiciary

When a ruling from a court goes against him, Trump attacks the judge as an Obama biased judge or ridicules the judges legal abilities. He racially profiled Judge Curiel, implying that his Mexican heritage rendered him biased in his ability to rule fairly on border wall funding.

He demands full loyalty from law enforcement on any interpretation that he has on existing laws. He has repeatedly acted in ways that have been ruled against by the courts. He has abused his power to pardon. He has demanded that investigations be started on the media and political opponents. He acts without deference to the power of the judiciary branch at every turn. Most dangerous is his success at changing the independent functioning of the Department of Justice by demanding that it act as ” his Department of Justice”. William Barr now clearly does what ever Trump demands. Americans do not currently have a full time attorney to protect the rule of law.

The normalization of nepotism that Trump has established is another alignment that he has with dictators. Hiring people that you can trust and control is crucial to the dictator, because at their emotional core, they are insecure. Trump has blatantly disregarded the norms related to nepotism, hiring his kids and their spouses for jobs that they are not qualified for. Protection by the staunch loyalty of family is more important to the dictator than the competence needed to effectively govern.

No past American President, (those we have either supported or opposed), has ever behaved in the mirror image of murderous dictators. If Trump’s assault on the foundations of our Democracy are successful, he will have accumulated the power of a dictator and nullifying the Constitution might end up on the next ballot.

Nancy Pelosi delayed proceeding with an impeachment inquiry until she had no choice. With Trump breaking our election laws by inviting foreign governments to influence the outcome of our election process, he has become a traitor of the Constitution. He gave Pelosi no choice but to exercise her Coninstitutional duty. If the House impeaches, at least the Democrats can hold their heads high as Patriots, while the Republicans choose party over Democracy.


Some Say That Trump Has Said He Is Grateful That His Die Hard Followers Are Like Sheep, Easy To Herd Wherever He Wants. If true, It’ s More Proof, That He Doesn’t Care Anyone, It’ s All About Power.

Trump has shown a pattern of easily rejecting and turning on people that disagree with him. The number of people that he has ruthlessly attacked on Twitter grows every day. He uses the cameras to spread vicious lies about people every chance he can. He is like a younger adolescent who can’t stop spewing any thought that crosses their mind.

All it seems to take is the slightest criticism of him and that person becomes an object without feelings that deserves to be destroyed. It is alarming to watch as he actually seems to enjoy doing it.

As Trump often says, that ” some have said or many people say” when he sights false information that he favors. So it feels fair to say that it is important to acknowledge that some have said Trump revels in how, without any scrutiny of him, his followers follow him like SHEEP. Unfortunately it has become normal in the high-tech world of information streaming that when hearsay appears in writing it is considered to be true. But it is not unimaginable to believe that Trump knows that he needs, but doesn’t really respect, his followers.

The American people are smart enough to discern hearsay that is made up for self serving reasons, and hearsay that seems probable.

Trump’s praise of his followers seems to center around praise for their loyalty. He never seems to express praise about them having traits such as intelligence or integrity. So if the blind loyalty is what Trump bases his connection to his followers on, then any opposition to him could cause him to unleash attacks on them as brutal as he has unleashed on anyone else who has criticized or disagreed with him.

All Americans from any party should place their loyalty on the Constitution and the preservation of our Democracy over party affiliation.