Trump Loves Israel For Political Reasons, But It’s A Question As To Whether He Really Loves Or Understands The Jewish People.

I would love to challenge Trump to yell out, ” Mazel tov”, “Shalom”, or “Oy Vey” at his next White Rally in an attempt to show some public comfort with or relatedness to Jewish people. However, I believe that 9 out of 10 people would say that there is NO WAY that he would utter even a mainstream Jewish phrase at a rally as he knows that the portion of his base that is White Supremacist would not approve and possibly no longer admire him.

It has also been noted that as Jewish holidays come and go, he never makes any public acknowledgment of the meaning of the holiday’s and never shares anything about his participation in the celebration of those holidays with his Jewish family members.

Jews can feel Trump’s insincerity in their gut when he praises Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is clear that his motives are political. He acts as if he is the only President to ever support Israel. America has been and will always be Israel’s ally. But Trump’s strategy to support every policy idea of Netanyahu’s is based on his need to secure Jewish support for himself and to lock down Netanyahu’s carte blanche support of his Administrations destructive policies. Because each of these leaders are enmeshed in their mutual hunger for power and autocratic style rule, the integrity of both Israel and the United States is being compromised.

Also occurring this week was Trump’s complete emasculating of Netanyahu, by basically ordering him to ban four female Congresswomen from entering Israel due to their opposing opinions on certain Israeli policies. Netanyahu’s obedience to this unprecedented, inappropriate request by Trump weakens his reputation as a strong, principled leader. So goes another career blow to another victim of Trump’s effective bullying.

By Trump’s reticence to consistently call out White Supremacy in loudmouth fashion as he calls out every slight criticism of himself, he has emboldened the groups resurgence and placed Jews in danger of Supremacist violence. Jews are the #1 target of White Supremacists, but I guess their votes are more important to Trump than Jewish safety.

In his ignorance, Trump conflates the Jewish people and their thousands of years history and identity with where they stand on certain issues related to Israel. Israel’s government is politically diverse and complex and Jewish people around the world do not always agree on the current policies of Israel, especially those on how to establish Middle East peace and maintain Israel’s survival as a Democratic Jewish state.

However, it appears that Trump’s knowledge of Israel is limited to whatever Netanyahu wants and believes is best for Israel. In his public comments, he shares no specific information that indicates that he understands the full picture of the Israeli and Middle East peace dilemma.

His anti-Semitic comment this week about any Jew voting for a Democrat ( meaning against him) is ” disloyal or uneducated” was an insult to all Jews who are free, and thankfully no longer enslaved and stripped of independent thinking and action. Trump’s insecurities and hunger for power are at a dangerous pathological level. This week, his disparaging of the Jews in an attempt to control their idealogical freedom, has been on display for the world to see. The reaction had been one of criticism and concern.

As the country and the world questions Trump’s mental fitness to be President, the stock market tanks, the deficit explodes, the planet melts and burns, immigrants are abused, the NRA has more influence over gun policy than the will of the people and Trump wastes time ranting on Twitter and romancing Putin and Kim Jong Un.


MSNBC’S Donny Deutsch Brands Trump And His Administration “The Assaulters” And The Democrats “The Protectors”. Trump Is Attacking The Core Of What Is Good About America.

How do you take a country that is and has always been “great”, tear apart it’s core attributes, replace it with horrible, failing ideas, and say your making it great again? Only a stupid person would think that makes sense (or a liar or mentally compromised person).

Trump’s #1 strategy with MAGA is to dismantle anything that Obama did as President. The jealousy and insecurity emanating from Trump over Obama’s high approval ratings and accomplishments is painful to watch, especially if you’re a trained psychotherapist. Having to witness the dangers of this level of erratic, vindictive behavior in a President is creating mass anxiety for millions of people and global shame for our country. Trump truly deserves the label of “assaulter”.

Some of Trump’s assaults on what is good about our country are:

Assault on the Constitution by abuse of power

Assault on moral decency. He is an adulterer, a serial liar, a co- conspirator of a federal crime, a tax evader, has associations with sleazy, perverted men or women abusers and defends them.

Assault on healthcare for millions of Americans by trying to repeal Obamacare

Assault on economic future stability of America by blowing up the deficit and increasing the national debt.

Assault on economic stability with tariffs that financially hurt Americans

Assault on the environment by pulling out of the Paris Agreement

Assault on endangered species by proposing elimination of federal protection laws

Assault on national security by befriending dictators

Assault on NATO by publicly attacking the integrity of the institution

Assault on global allies with personal insults and breaking agreements that negatively affect their countries.

Assault on Hispanic immigrants by calling them rapists, criminals, and dangerous Invaders. Calling for The Wall to keep them out.

Assault on legal immigration by creating criteria based on education and financial status. Poor, oppressed people per Trump are no longer welcomed to immigrate to America.

Assault on the credibility of members of Congress when they oppose him.

Assault on the Judiciary Branch when they rule against him

Assault on the media’s credibility when they disagree with him

Assault on the belief in a free, accurate press by spreading fake news and calling “real” news fake

Assault on women by having committed multiple acts of adultery, physical and verbal assaults

Assault on communities of color with derogatory name calling of cities heavily populated by minorities

Assault on the middle and lower classes with tax cuts for the rich and stagnate wages.

There are countless more assaults going on by President Assaulter, but this list makes the point that he is assaulting our country.

In contrast, the Democrats support policies that seek to “protect” the rights of all people. Democrats seek to protect the Constitution and rule of law. Democrats want to protect the credibility of a free press. They want to protect the right to legally immigrate to this country. Democrats want to protect the right for all Americans to have healthcare. They want to protect the planet, protect animals, and protect the rights of women and minorities. Democrats in the House are passing gun reform bills that seek to protect American lives. They seek to protect the strength of our relationships with our allies, which strengthens our national security.

Democrats are protectors, because as a party they have compassion towards people in need. They also have compassion for people of means who have dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. In order to be “protectors”, one has to be empathic towards others. Trump has never shown empathy on any issue. He has never teared up, or given a heart felt speech, or consistently followed through on helping people during tragedies. He moves on quickly, leaving the authentic caring for others to provide.

Voting Trump out is the only way to stop the assaults on our people and Democracy. #makeamericaproudagain.

If Republican Senators Would Band Together Against Trump Like They Want To, The Power Of His Threats To “Primary” Those Who Oppose Him Will Be Neutered. There Is Power In Numbers.

It has become painfully obvious that Republicans are derelict in their duty to protect Democracy and the rule of law. Great numbers of politicians, pundits and journalists have appeared in the media admitting to hearing staunch behind the scene opposition by Republican Senators to the President’s erratic behaviors, unqualified execution of the Constitution, devisive rhetoric, strange bro-mances with murderous dictators, and disrespectful treatment of our allies.

It is understandable that it is intimidating to stand alone against Trump because he has proven to be brutal in his retaliatory vindictiveness. But when a group of like- minded people band together and stand up to do the right thing, retaliatory efforts are greatly diminished.

By being silent about Trump’s devisive, racist, dishonest and criminal behaviors, these Republican Senators and House members have emboldened him and thus unleashed shame and anxiety on America. Cowering in the halls of the Capitol Building like wimps is not a good look for elected officials who work for the American people, not for the President.

Americans know that the majority of Senators and members of the House are cringing every day at Trump being President. To keep their jobs, stack the courts with conservative judges or make short term financial gains due to Trump’s economic moves, they have turned their heads and shut their mouths and abandoned their patriotism.

The Senators facing re-election have more to worry about than Trump’s s opinion of them. There is an organized Democratic wave of political harrassment coming their way that will expose them for the weak, unpatriotic people that they have become in the name of the most corrupt, unstable President this country has ever seen. The majority of Americans can only hope that Congress will choose country over party, before disaster strikes our country.

Trump’s Vindictiveness Is A Sign Of Being Mentally Disordered. A Lack of Empathy And Rage Dominates How He Treats People. Revenge Seems More Important To Him Than Doing His Job.

Vindictive people are in a lot of pain. They feel angry and wronged and have great difficulty managing their emotions. Successfully getting revenge on people that they view as having wronged them or pose a threat to them is the only way they see to alleviate their pain. The crueler the revenge, the more relieved and redeemed they feel. There is a sociopathic quality to how a vindictive person deals with managing conflict and insecurities.

Trump has a pattern of cruel, vindictive actions since and before his Presidency. The actions go far beyond a retaliatory action to protect oneself or to send a message of anger or strength. With blatant cruelty, Trump’s actions aim to permanently damage people’s reputations, financial status, and emotional well-being. He appears to feel totally justified to act as he does and shows no sign of empathy towards those that he hurts. He will never apologize, feel remorse or cease his assaults. This is pathological.

Examples of Trump’s pattern of vindictiveness include;

He has methodically built a pattern of policy making based on the dismantling of any policy, law or program that was enacted by Obama.

Prior to one of his debates with Hillary Clinton, he called a press conference and assembled numerous women who allegedly had affairs with Bill Clinton and encouraged them to speak out about Clinton’s conduct before the debate started.

He ordered Jeff Sessions to fire FBI Director Andrew McCabe 1 day before McCabes retirement pension would have been secured.

He fired FBI Director James Comey on Twitter, before contacting Comey with the news.

He denigrated Sen. John MCain’ s military experience as a POW hero saying. ” I prefer people who don’t t get caught.”

He has taken Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide as an opportunity to implicate the Clinton’s in his death by retweeting a conspiracy theory which says they are to blame.

Each of these people took some action that hurt or angered Trump, and he decided that ruining or humiliating them forever was the retaliation that they deserved and that he would enjoy the most.

There are many other examples of vindictive tweets and public statements that Trump has made to gain approval from his base. He has also denigrated Congressmen in ways that hurt their chances for re-election and so these Republicans have retreated into a scared silence, creating an embarrassing legacy for themselves.

What Trump supporters are not realizing is that a clinically vindictive person has no loyalty to any group based on idealogy or sincere caring. If you upset them or express opposition to them, they will retaliate with a vengeance.

I challenge any Trump county to organize a rally against one of his policies or disagreeable statements that he has made. Predictably, despite past loyalty to him, he would be on a vindictive rant to damage that group just as he has done to so many others. He is so damaged and disturbed that he cannot maturely navigate even the slightest attack on his ego. President Fake Strongman, is a weak man. He is on a tear to damage women, immigrants, black and Hispanic Americans, the LGBTQ community and frighteningly, our planet.

Liking his red hat, his crass humor, or that he yells “bullshit” at rallies are poor excuses to support him. Unless you’re racist, super rich or in love with superficial reality stars, why put such an angry, unqualified person in our beloved Oval Office.

Also, Americans standing by Trump on the economy issue should study the affects of a ballooning deficit and national debt on the future of our economy. Debts need to be repaid. Repaying debt is not Trump’s forte. He goes bankrupt instead of repaying debt. When he is long gone, the debt he leaves us will be on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Vindictive person that he is, he will probably say that is what we deserve.

Kentuckians, Angie Englisbee, 86, Died Today, Another Victim Of The White Supremacist Shooter In El Paso. Kentucky Must Vote Out NRA Mitch.

I attended a political town hall today in Los Angeles. One of the panel members, Congressman Ben Ray Luj├ín from New Mexico passionately spoke about the El Paso and Dayton shootings emphasizing the importance of remembering each victim, not as a statistic, but as a unique story of life and loss. Then he paused and said, “Angie died today. She was 86, and fought to survive the wounds she suffered from being shot at the Walmart in El Paso, but she died this morning.”

Angie had a story, because she had a life. She was in Walmart on line getting ready to pay for her groceries. Her son had just spoken with her and was planning to pick her up. All that life can offer awaited Angie and her family, but that ended today because an assault weapon was able to be easily obtained by a racist, White Supremacist. Angie’s family, like too many others, are left to suffer the excruciating pain of this kind of violent, shocking and senseless act.

Congressman Lujan’s urging us to keep learning the stories of these victims was a powerful reminder that we are all vulnerable to the tragedy caused by gun violence. Also made clear was Senator Mitch McConnell’s continued refusal to allow a vote on gun law reform bills recently passed by the House of Representatives. McConnell, also referred to as NRA Mitch, has an A+ rating with the NRA and received over 1.3 million dollars in donations in the last election from the organization.

The frightening reality is that unless it becomes unlawful for candidates to receive millions of dollars in campaign contributions from special interests, what is best for America will come behind the interests of big donors. Winning and power has become a virus in Congress, infecting certain elected officials that are weak of mind and void of values. Mich McConnell keeps confirming that he is the leader of dangerous legislative obstruction, and that he does not care about the average American’s needs, struggles and dreams.

Kentuckians, Mitch McConnell has been voted the most unpopular Senator in the country. His approval rating in Kentucky has been as low as 17% at times. Kentucky’s economy ranks #39th and #44th in the quality of healthcare. In addition, he is so hatefully partisan and blindly loyal to Trump, that he refuses to allow bills to be voted on that could improve and save the lives of millions of Americans.

Trump will probably promise gun reform to appease the victims, then take a call from the weakened NRA, and then back off from approving any new gun legislation. America has a President that is owned by special interests, and is suspected to be owned by Russia.

Remember Congressman Lujan’s message, ” Angie died today, she was a person, with a life and a story just like you and didn’t deserve this horrible, preventable fate.” It could happen to us or our families next.

Trump And Charles Manson Have Something In Common – Neither One Actually Pulled The Trigger, But Their Words Incited Their Followers To Murder

Charles Manson was convicted of the Tate- LaBianca Murders in 1969. He was not present at the murders. So how did he convince these teenage girls and one man to murder these victims? Hate rhetoric poisoned the minds of his weak, damaged followers to believe that rich, famous people as well as policemen were evil and deserved to die.

How many times will it take our incompetent, disordered President to acknowledge or accept the truth that words have consequences? A scarier question is does he even care about the life of anyone else besides his own, his family or his supporters? Without coming out and declaring war on White Supremacy, Trump is complicit in the violence.

Based on the writings of over 1,000 mental health professionals, Trump is disordered. This is no excuse for his racist, violent, narcissistic, lawless and unpatriotic behaviors, but it does explain it. Moreover, in truth it is also the fault of Republicans in the Senate who keep protecting him. It is these Senators, along with Trump, who are betraying our Democracy, compromising our safety, and humiliating us in the eyes of the global community.

Mike Pence, a milk toast lackey, was strategically picked to protect Trump from ever being removed by use of the 25th Amendment.

So the demonstrations to impeach need to begin. The House must impeach, then not send it to the Senate, thereby neutering the Senate’s opportunity to acquit. If the House doesn’t impeach, they are as guilty as the Senate in allowing Trump carnage to continue. The political risks need to be secondary to doing the job in the way that the Constitution defined it be done.

The press is also to blame. It needs to STOP playing Trump’s hateful rhetoric. Sure it gets ratings, but the broadcasting of his violent, racist speech is spreading the hate speech. This over-playing of Trump hateful rants is a contributing factor to White Supremist violence.

All Congressional and media professionals with a vote or a voice must stop being opportunistic and take moral and patriotic action. If they don’t, they should be fired and replaced with people who might actually save our Democracy.

When Trump Calls Democrats Socialists, Democrats Must Call Him A Fascist. That’s Not Going “Low”, As It Is Factually His Style of Governing.

FASCISM: “a political philosophy that puts nation and often race over the individual and supports a centralized dictatorial, authoritarian form of government, with strong economic and social regimentation and strong oppression of opponents.”

SOCIALISM: “any various forms of economic and political theories that advocate governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and administration of goods”.

DEMOCRACY: ” s system of government by the whole population, or the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

Clearly Trump meets the definition of a fascist leader. That is something that should put fear in the minds of all Americans despite their party affiliation.

Clearly, Democrats are not proponents of Socialism, as they support individual rights given by our Constitution to freely make choices regarding how they make money, how they produce goods, and accomplish private ownership. SOCIALISM is a form of government that does not support individual ownership.

Within our Democracy, social programs such as Medicare and Social Security are paid for by tax payers and administered by the government for eligible recipients to receive benefits. These governmentally run social programs are not forms of Socialism and are supported by the majority of Americans. So when Democrats talk about a Medicare for all program, it is an inaccurate, desperate political argument that Democrats want to change our Democracy into a Socialist Society.

That Republican talking point is an uneducated, mean spirited attempt to equate liberal leaning Democrats with Marxism, an “economic theory and form of government which controls all means and resources of production, in theory, to support equality.” It is a well known fact that Democrats support capitalism and the right for individuals to set and accomplish their own personal goals.

President Snake Oil A, in his uneducated ignorance, is selling this Socialism lie to people who have not bothered to educate themselves in order to tell when they are being lied to. He is so insecure and unqualified to be President that his main strategy is to lie and create fear in his supporters to secure their loyalty. His propaganda campaign of egomaniacal pronouncements of ” only I can solve these problems” has captivated the needy or greedy members of his base.

In this campaign Democrats must fight fire with fire and stop worrying about taking the high road. If they don’t, they will get crushed by Trump’s skilled way of rallying fear and hatred. He is a master manipulator, just like other past dictators, and demonizing opponents and creating violent, hateful tendencies in his supporters is what he lives for.

Marianne Williamson and Harvard Professor Cornell West are two public figures who have not held back from accurately using the word ” fascist” when describing Trump and his lawless authoritarianism. It might be uncomfortable and it might feel like fighting dirty to Democrats who prefer a more civil approach to politics, but if they fight Trump’s fire with civility, they will lose. Remember in the movies, the bully only stops picking on the soft, little kid when he gets punched in the nose.”