The Degree To Which Trump Resists Transparency Is A Clear Sign He Is Hiding Illegal, Unethical, And Criminal Acts. His Patterns Indicate Severe Mental Health Problems That Should Wake Up His Supporters To Choose Democracy Over Party.

For someone who strongly professes innocence when accused, Trump never produces evidence to clear himself. He expects his words to be believed simply because he said them. He doesn’t encourage his supporters to read facts, as he likes them to stay ignorant of the truth.

Trump’s behavior meets the criteria for The DSM V disorders of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder. People with personality pathology have disturbances in managing challenges to their ego. A narcissist needs to be the center of everything that is happening. They process information with a self-important focus. They project false confidence to hide their insecurities. They have weak egos and low self-esteem, and their grandiosity is a way to reduce painful, insecure feelings.

A person with an anti-social personality disorder also processes information from a “me” centered position. They engage in behaviors that are self-serving and self-preserving. Practices such as lying, manipulating, and cheating dominate how they operate. Lack of connection and empathy are also characteristic of this personality disorder. People are used as pawns, as a means to a preferred self- interested end.

If Trump’s own words and actions are factually analyzed, his loyalists would have a difficult time offering convincing arguments in his defense. Evidence that he has these traits are recorded in his tweets, his rallies, and whenever he appears in public. When he dog-whistles potential violence if he is not agreed with and obeyed, his supporters should be convinced he is dangerous. Preserving safety for individuals or the country is not essential to him.

A president whose governing style is motivated by self-interest is dangerous to democracy. What is preferred by such an individual is not always what is best for the group. By Trump asking President Zelensky to look for dirt on Joe Biden, he diminished his integrity and made himself vulnerable to foreign leaders who now see him as compromised.

As Americans, we must commit to voting for a candidate from either party who isn’t mentally ill, cruel, or a criminal.


Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News Are Spreading Misinformation To Hide the Corruption of the Trump Administration. This Practice Threatens Our National Security and Moral Standing in the World. Partisan Opinion Journalists and Social Media CEO’s Should Be Held Accountable For Lying.

Roger Ailes designed Fox news to be a propaganda machine for the right-wing of the Republican Party. He clearly stated that his goal was to make Fox News the most widely watched news station in the country. He also made it clear Fox was not concerned about presenting facts. Their main focus was to tell their audience what they wanted to hear. The Fox News consumer is basically white and conservative, and Ailes and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch made sure they delivered the scripts the audience tuned in to hear.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have grown and have adopted the Ailes philosophy that pleasing audiences and making money are the only goals of Fox. Ethics and truth are compromised as long as the business is profitable. This business model delivers lies, partial sound bites, conspiracy theories, and one-sided narratives to stoke hatred, tribalism, and mistrust between the parties.

These social media sites claim to have enforceable rules and standards. However, exceptions are made about publishing disinformation because the platforms want to retain customers. People with extreme ideology feel empowered to lie online because lying has become a normalized practice. Social media platforms justify allowing the publishing of false information, citing freedom of speech as their reason. The fake news is so offensive that opposing sides have become hateful and aggressive towards each other.  Democrat-leaning social media talks negatively about Trump, but the reporting is based on facts about his behavior they oppose.  Conservative platforms and news media resort to name-calling and spreading conspiracy theories without presenting facts to support their assertions.  For example, it was reported that Adam Schiff is a liar because he met with the whistleblower and did not disclose it.  Adam Schiff says he never met with and does know who the whistleblower is, but Fox and conservative social media continue to report this claim without any proof of it being valid.

Trump has used the pattern of constant lying on Fox and Twitter as a desensitization strategy so he can continue to lie and get away with it. Conservative news outlets use lies, spin, and conspiracy theories to incite fear and mistrust in its viewers towards Democrats. Democratic outlets are labeled exclusively liberal when in truth, many Democrats hold moderate positions on issues.

Liberal-leaning media outlets are also biased towards their ideology. However, the biases are not enhanced by lies and inflammatory talking points. Opinion journalism has a place in the political domain. However, opinions do not have to distort facts and be dishonest. For example, it’s news for a journalist to report a congressman voted for a bill to restrict the sale weapons of war. However, to announce that vote is proof the congressman wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment is a lie. These lies aim to create a false narrative about an opponent to damage their credibility. Getting consumers to believe negative assertions made by opinion journalists is the goal of propaganda journalism.  Trump’s normalization of lying and conspiracy theories has lessened the trust our allies have towards America.  His lying has emboldened our enemies to view America as a democracy weakening.

Legislators are beginning to discuss ways in which disinformation can be exposed, punished, and eliminated from social media. Hopefully, bills will be introduced in Congress that will help achieve the goal of returning honesty and civility to diverse political discourse.  We need Congress to act because Trump’s weak ego requires that he lies to manipulate the perception of himself as a strong, moral, and qualified to be president.  That is the biggest lie of all.


Martha McSally is the Latest Senator to Act Like an Arrogant Jerk to Kiss Up to Trump. She Called Respected CNN Journalist Manu Raju a Derogatory Name Simply Because He Asked Her a Question She Didn’t Want to Answer. Arizona Should Vote Her Out. She Doesn’t Deserve to Sit in John McCain’s Seat.

Martha McSally professionally degraded herself this week and degraded the office she holds. The respect for her past military service is becoming tainted. She inappropriately attacked CNN reporter Manu Raju when he asked her whether she would vote to allow witnesses and evidence to be introduced in the Senate trial. She angrily called him ” a liberal hack.” The question rattled her because she is either terrified of Trump or is as arrogant and crass as he is. Being a state senator in a position of high esteem and weak opportunists do not deserve to hold the office. Regarding the Raju incident, she arrogantly told Wolf Blitzer on CNN she wouldn’t apologize for her rude comment to him. Trump also never apologizes, so obviously McSally has done her homework.

Many Republicans have lowered their character by pledging allegiance to Trump and the party. Senator Lindsey Graham has become a hypocritical laughing stock. Many Republicans cringe as he cowers and submits to any demand Trump makes of him. In 2015, Graham called Trump “a kook (with not much space in his head), xenophobic, and unfit for office”. However, Graham currently applauds Trump’s performance as president and agrees with him publicly on almost every policy issue. The hypocrisy and pandering to Trump’s whims have caused him to be seen as an embarrassment to himself.

In 2015, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney called Trump ” a disgusting human being.” However, he currently defends Trump’s most erratic behaviors to advance his own far-right conservative views.

Some Republicans have opted to retire early or leave the party in disgust over the divisive, corrupt, and low-class antics of the Trump presidency. But officials, like the newly anointed loudmouth Martha McSally, are gambling to lose their personal integrity to stay in favor with Trump. Why Republicans have settled for an unqualified bully who is massively disliked and disrespected to represent their party is baffling. Hopefully, more conservatives will join former Governor Bill Weld and run for president. The Republican base just might respond to a more positive conservative choice than the mob-like cronyism of Trump.


Trump’s Story That There Were Four American Embassies Targeted For Imminent Attack by Soleimani Might Be the 2020 Version of Bush’s Lie About Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The President Will Keep Lying, Breaking laws, and Hiring Corrupt Allies to Protect Him. America is in Trouble.

Trump’s accounting of the intelligence that convinced him Americans were under an imminent threat at four embassies keeps changing. The original statement by him declared four specific embassies were targeted for an imminent attack. Within days, he was saying, “Soleimani was planning future attacks.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also altered his original statement that he had no specific information on when or where these attacks in the region would occur. To stay aligned with Trump, he changed his statement citing there was evidence of an imminent threat to embassies but offered no details.

The claim that it was clear Soleimani was in Baghdad to carry out a plan to attack these embassies has not been corroborated with evidence by the President or anyone in the Administration. Secretary of Defense Marc Esper stated on Face the Nation, “I didn’t see specific evidence that Soleimani was going after four American embassies.” He went on to say, “my expectation was he would go after embassies.” So no facts as promised, and based on supposition troops have been deployed and Middle East instability has worsened.

Trump decided to take the most aggressive approach to deal with Soleimani’s anti-American activities in the Middle East. The shifting narratives about whether attacks were imminent indicate Trump could be lying to justify his call to assassinate the Iranian General. Is the false imminent threat claim the Trump version of the George W. Bush false claim of “weapons of mass destruction?”

Trump’s pattern of disclosure is to make sweeping generalities that support actions he takes without providing details that support the assertions. He resists transparency which is typical behavior for someone who is lying and manipulating to cover-up problematic or illegal actions. Trump’s lawless, lack of character is changing what America stands for. State to state movements to fight the corrupting of our government by Trump, Pompeo, AG Barr, and many other officials must continue to save our democracy. Putin has never been happier.


A Psychological Analysis of People Who Accept a President Who Spreads Conspiracy Theories ( Lies), Conducts Costly, Bogus Investigations, Blocks Witness Testimony, Conceals Tax Returns, Hides Excessive Travel Expenses, Bypasses Accountability to Congress, Invites Foreign Governments to Interfere in Our Elections, Is Unqualified, and is Mean-spirited.

There are psychological, emotional reasons why some people blindly believe, follow, and admire a flawed, dangerous leader. People who follow charismatic leaders with extremist believes are searching for answers that they cannot find within themselves. Supporters of Trump need to think he can do no wrong. They trust everything he does is to help them and the country. His crass behavior and pathological lying are excused by those who need someone to do for them what they cannot do for themselves. Trump is a master at controlling people who don’t pursue truth, facts, and independent thinking.

Some Trump supporters may share traits in common with cult followers such as;

Highly suggestible- Lack of both confidence in themselves and independent thinking. Blindly trust what they are told.

Followers not leaders- Passive types lacking in confidence

Low Self-esteem- Seeking validation through acceptance into a group

Looking for an identity- The identification with a cult leader defines who they are and what they believe

Schizotypal thinkers- Not entirely schizophrenic, but exhibit odd beliefs or behaviors that might fall into the realm of conspiracy-type thinking or supernatural beliefs.

Anger- disillusioned, victim types who are encouraged by the cult leader to blame family and society for everything wrong in their lives

These traits restrict a person’s ability to accept factual information that threatens the stature of their idol and his/her ideology. Pathological fusion occurs with people who are blindly loyal and unable to discern right from wrong or reality vs. delusion. Trump followers have melded into the identity of MAGA. The red hat, hateful slogans, racist attitudes, and fake news are celebrated because they symbolize the persona of Trump.

The Emperor has no clothes. Any independent thinker knows a lie when they hear it. They can prioritize what is right above what might be seductive, but wrong. They can change their minds without fear or guilt. They can identify when they are being manipulated. When Trump says, disaster will come to the country without me, his base shivers in fear. Independent thinkers see this mind-game for the lie that it is.

When Trump announced he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him, we got a glimpse into the dark side of his character and ego. He targeted regions of the country where people felt the most forgotten, and he lied his way to victory. Despite his failures, his grandiose charisma has addicted his followers to him. Maybe the anecdote to the spell Trump has cast over his base is to suggest holding them responsible for the wreckage of his policies. Perhaps Trump’s supporters won’t break until imminent medical and financial hardships befall them as a result of loyalty to himself and the 1%.


Attorney General William Barr is a Danger to Our Democracy. His View of Limitless Presidential Power Opposes the Concept of Co-Equal Branches of Government. Like Trump’s Former Discredited Mafia Attorney, Roy Cohn, Barr Has Proven He Will Abuse His Powers to Protect Trump. He is Not Impartial and Holds Extremist Views Contrary to the Constitution.

On June 8th, 2018, William Barr wrote a 20-page unsolicited letter to Trump to audition for the job of Attorney General as it became clear that Jeff Sessions would be leaving office. In that letter, he expressed opposition to Mueller’s authority to charge the president with obstruction of justice. In this letter, he concludes, “there can be no limit on the President’s authority to act (even)on matters which concern him or his own conduct.” In other words, he believes a president cannot be guilty of obstructing justice, because the Constitution gives him “all Federal Law Enforcement power, and hence prosecutorial discretion.” Barr knew this letter would secure him to be the next attorney general.

In June of 2019 in Atlantic Magazine, Former Attorney General Don Ayers posed the question, ” Is Barr using the office he holds to advance his extraordinary lifetime project to assign unchecked powers to the president?” If that’s true, it implies our attorney general does not support the Constitution’s call for co-equal branches of government. Americans must understand how this ideology poses a threat to democracy and national security. The opinion that any person elected president is qualified and mentally healthy enough to make unilateral decisions that affect the lives of millions of people is a questionable rationale. Why would an attorney general hold such a rigid, illogical belief?

Before Barr was appointed attorney general, Trump had begun acting in ways that smacked of racism and autocracy. The Muslim ban, the refusal to release his tax returns, redistributing money for the border wall which Congress had allocated for other projects, and unnecessarily shutting down the government are a few of the actions Trump has taken that align with Barr’s view of unbridled presidential powers. Once the Mueller Investigation began, Trump continued to act as if he could do or say anything he wanted without scrutiny. He disparaged the intelligence community, the FBI, fired FBI Director James Comey (because he would not take a loyalty oath), attacked members of the judiciary who question his policies and recently tried to secure dirt on his political opponent from a foreign government. No president in U.S. history has acted with this level of disrespect and arrogance towards our democratic norms.

Barr does not serve on behalf of the American people and our democracy. He blatantly defends any action or any position Trump takes, citing the power of the presidency as justification. The Mueller Report found extensive evidence of Trump and his agents colluding with Russians. Even though it could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt there was a conspiracy, there was wrongdoing that occurred. Barr’s statement that the report showed there was “no collusion and no obstruction” was a narrative aimed to falsely exonerate Trump from any prosecutable behavior.

Barr and Trump are alike in that they both blatantly lie or spin facts for personal or political gain in the plain view. Barr’s misleading narrative on the report gave Trump a pass on the ten counts of obstruction of justice against him in the Russian investigation. It bypassed any scrutiny into the meeting with Don Jr. and the Russians and countless other contacts with the Russians that Trump officials conducted. Barr’s reason for misleading the public about the findings of the Mueller Report can be explained by the pursuit of his goal of protecting Trump to align with his belief in limitless power for a president.

The Atlantic article posed the question, “why would Barr at this stage of life, after a successful legal career and distinguished government service, accept the job of lying for the president? Why would he befuddle and mislead to create a public misinterpretation?” They concluded that Barr’s vision of the president possessing unchecked powers must be the reason.

The Founding Fathers did not intend for the President to be unchecked. That is why they developed three co-equal branches of government. Each branch has unique powers granted to it, but they are accountable to each other under certain conditions that are of utmost importance to the functioning of our democracy.  Through actions and attitudes, Barr has made it clear that no matter what Trump does, he will not allow the Department of Justice to stand in his way.  With shameless and absolute bias, Barr will continue to allow Americans to suffer the consequences of Trump’s assault on America. This country was once a shining star on the global stage of countries and will be once again after Trump is gone.


Deceased CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes Mentored Trump to Be Obsessed With and Hateful Towards Barack Obama. The President’s Policymaking is Guided By Deconstructing Obama’s Presidency. The Reality That Obama is Smarter, Cooler and More Popular Than He Is Triggers Trump’s Pathological Jealousy. Someone Should Suggest Therapy.

Watching the Showtime miniseries, The Loudest Voice about Roger Ailes, clarified the source of Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards President Barack Obama. Scenes of actor Russell Crowe portraying Ailes scheming to portray Obama as Muslim to Fox followers is chilling. Ailes was committed to manipulating Fox’s predominantly white audience to not just disagree with Obama’s policies, but to fear and hate him. Additionally, he labeled all Democrats as dangerous liberals.

Ailes was the originator of the hateful rhetoric and conspiracy theory journalism of Fox news. His vision killed the notion of healthy bi-partisanship and his power-hungry protege has continued this despicable Ailes legacy. Trump has also emulated Aile’s sexually deviant, degrading attitudes towards women.

Many actions Trump takes are motivated by his need to look strong. Military threats and actions are becoming his default strategy to counter negative press or poll numbers about him. His insecurities are causing him to become provocative and impulsive. These psychological weaknesses diminish America’s standing in the world and compromise national security.

A hallmark symptom of low self-esteem is the need to criticize others to elevate negative self-perception. A confident person has healthy ego strength and has no need to disparage others. The source of their confidence comes from self-acceptance and core inner strength. Trump reveals his insecurities by bragging, disparaging others, and lying. His lies create false narratives about himself to bolster his image with his base.

When Trump faces a challenge, he accuses Obama of causing the problem. He does this to create an opportunity to be a hero and feel superior. When he presents a strategy for addressing the problem he adds, “Obama wasn’t smart enough or strong enough to solve this problem, but I am”. These statements expose Trump’s severe ego pathology and to the perceptive person, he looks weak and pathetic. Adversaries can take advantage of a leader who acts desperate to be liked and respected.

Many leaders around the world have hinted Trump’s overturning The Iran Nuclear Deal, Getting out of the Paris Agreement, and attempting to abolish Obamacare appear to be vendettas, not good policy.

Ailes believed in lying to gain power, manipulating the truth to brainwash audiences and making money. Trump operates by these premises and it’s weakening our world image and national security. Americans must insist on the truth from their government officials and support impeachment when presidents do wrong.


Did the Assassination of Iranian General Qassam Soleimani Make America Safer or Put Us in More Danger? Were Iranian Attacks Imminant or Was this Military Escalation About Distracting Attention from the Upcoming Impeachment Trial in the Senate? Trump Commits Wreckless and Stupid Acts at Times to Appear Strong to a Blindly Loyal Base.

Some Republicans and many Democratic political analysts believe Trump’s assassination of Quassam Soleimani was ego-driven to look big and bold. His ego needs often result in him making policy decisions to be seen as smarter than former presidents. Media reports indicate among the options Trump was given to deal with Soleimani, he chose the most extreme, risky one. Many former military and intelligence officials who had proven the strength to oppose Trump’s naive or dangerous impulses are gone. He has strategically replaced them with sycophants, so whatever he thinks or wants is rubber-stamped. That is the goal of an autocrat.

Presidents Obama and Bush were acutely aware of the threat that General Soleimani posed to Americans. They were informed by intelligence agencies of his involvement in operations aimed at harming the U.S. However, it has been reported both presidents consulted with intelligence agencies and decided against killing him out of concern for potentially dangerous repercussions.

The Trump Administration has yet to inform the public of their plan to deal with unexpected retaliations from Iran. Given Trump’s declining credibility in the eyes of world leaders and his constant lying and lack of transparency, the reasons for inciting more conflict in the Middle East are suspicious and terrifying.

General Barry McCaffrey appeared on MSNBC today and speculated killing Soleimani will not stop any of the anti-American plots he was involved in. Iran’s opposition to America will stay healthy, if not stronger, due to the outrage over the assassination, he warned. He raised the question as to whether it would have been smarter to have eliminated Soleimani covertly, instead of publicly. However, Trump’s dramatic, impulsive style of governing and his need to look strong could explain the public nature of the killing.

Before the strike against Soleimani, it was speculated that Trump might create a disaster to distract attention from the impending impeachment trial in the Senate. The public is not privy to the new intelligence given to Trump regarding Soleimani as he arrived in Baghdad on Thursday. However, Trump’s need to elevate his weakened image in the world could have caused him to choose to strike now. That can’t be proven, but it is hard to trust he is capable of putting the country’s best interests over his own.

In an interview on CNN, Christine Amanpour reported since Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, tensions have increased between the two countries. The decision alienated allies and caused Iran to consider resuming uranium enrichment. Amanpour said Trump’s policies towards Iran have destroyed channels of communication that served John Kerry in negotiating the release of captured US sailors captured in the Persian Gulf in 2016. The Soleimani murder has closed the possibility of all channels of communication with Iran, and extreme retaliation appears imminent.

Trump is showing little restraint in his communications on Twitter.  He tweeted about targeting 52 Iranian cultural sites if Iran retaliates over the murder of Soleimani.  This would be an illegal act, and Pentagon officials have commented that the US would not be taking such an action.  The presidents’ instability, inexperience, and authoritarian tendencies are in full view of the world.  What will it take for Republicans to stop choosing the party of this country’s security?

The Administration owes the full public transparency on the intelligence they say justified this extreme action against Iran. However, Trump’s claims of omnipotent powers have made his Administration the least honest and transparent administration in history. The solution is for all Americans to unite in demanding an answer to why at this time, America had to move closer to another Middle East war.